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President & founder
Bill Ostendorf is president and founder of Creative Circle Media Solutions, a network of talent he has been building for more than 30 years. Bill has worked with more than 300 media companies on three continents as a trainer or management consultant and has led redesigns of nearly 600 publications and more than 300 web sites. Bill founded Creative Circle in 1984 at the tender age of 28. Even then, he was committed to the concept of teamwork and named his group accordingly. After 18 years of balancing … more
Director of sales
Sean leads the sales efforts for our software products and is involved in product development and sales of our other services – from outsourcing to print redesigns. He also provides web sales training and leads sales blitzes to help our clients generate more revenue from our web platforms, particularly QuickAds and NativeNewsQ. Sean started his sales career 25 years ago in Cable Television Advertising with TCI Cable and quickly rose through the ranks to General Sales Manager. He then joined DonTech, a … more
Hello there, and welcome to the CCMS dev blog! I’m Tim, our product developer here. Not too far back, while organizing this revamped website, I thought it might be fun to start up a discussion about life in the trenches of digital media, so to speak. A techie-to-techie kind of thing, covering things like software, infrastructure, coding, industry trends, and so forth — all as it pertains to our world of online publishing. Progress in our industry just barrels along at a staggering pace. I’m lucky … more
Grow your top line with effective on-site consulting and sales training from The Blinder Group. The Blinder Group provides sales support for Creative Circle products, including QuickAds and NativeNewsQ. Choose from strategic planning, and dynamic, classroom training; or have the Blinder Group ride with your sales reps to close guaranteed new business for your media property! The bottom line is: We will tailor a program that will make you money! The Blinder Group provides: ~ The "Multimedia Master … more
DuoPictures is a small-footprint production company creating photographs and films for nonprofit organizations and clients in healthcare, high educate, technology and business in Rhode Island and Massachusetts. Scott Kingsley and David DelPoio, both long-time photojournalists and photo editors, have partnered in the venture. Clients include many entities at Brown University; the Warren Alpert Medical School, Public Affairs and University Relations, the Watson Institute for International Studies and the … more
Watch this space for an engaging blog by Bill Ostendorf, president and founder of Creative Circle, along with other blogs from some of our top consultants! We'll cover hot issues in the industry, talk about the next generation of journalists, share insights into design, writing and multimedia reporting and management. We're looking forward to it! – The Creative Circle team   more
Tim Benson
Digital operations, Creative Circle Media Solutions
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Design director/Consultant
Lynn Rognsvoog has worked in the newspaper and magazine publishing industry for more than 30 years, and has experience in print and web design, art direction, design coaching, word and picture editing, and management. She has a passion for finding the best way to tell each story. Lynn has worked with Creative Circle since 1998. Among her print redesign projects are Trends Journal, The Sumter Item of Sumter, S.C., the Daily Journal in Kankakee, Ill., the Middletown Record of Middletown, N.Y., the Idaho … more
Digital operations director
Tim is a techie who specializes print media. A jack of all trades with an equal footing in programming, server administration, and hardware, he has been active in the industry since 1999, having worked as a staffer for and consultant to a number of magazine and newspaper publications. He is at heart a web guy, whose career has evolved alongside the digital landscape. He enjoys following the rapidly expanding technologies that drive our world, and can be counted on to bring the latest innovations to each … more
Denise handles a wide range of projects, from producing print products to designing web sites. She does some programming and web site modifications as well as coaching clients on photo pre-press. Denise's background includes designing ads, pre-press production, color-correction, writing, and photography at two Rhode Island newspapers: The Providence Phoenix, and the Providence Journal, where she worked with both Bill Ostendorf and Lynn Rognsvoog. She has also worked in pre-press at a printing company … more
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