"Bill is an engaging speaker to all participants with a ton of energy. He keeps everything fresh, real and relevant and is not afraid to point out weaknesses, strengths and push the limits of where our industry is headed. I will definitely attend another seminar where Bill is a speaker."

– Erin Addenbrooke, advertising director, Colorado Community Media

Who better to assist me in the layout and design of the souvenir magazine than the incredibly talented team at Creative Circle Media?

– Lisa Beauchamp, general manager

It’s always a highly interactive and mutually respectful experience working with the Creative Circle team.

– Lisa Beauchamp, general manager

Our team now is inspired and energized after a whole new world of possibilities has been unlocked.

– James Henry, executive editor, AgriNews Publications, about their redesign

After one briefing call, Bill and Lynn immediately understood the concept and my needs, and those of the Olympic Committee’s needs. The magazine needed to be vibrant, eye catching, heavy on photos, patriotic to the Cayman Islands and must inspire the reader to keep it as a souvenir.

– Lisa Beauchamp, general manager

Working with Creative Media Circle has been an outstanding success.

– Tony Williams, managing editor, The Bermuda Sun

Bill’s webinar was brilliant. I learned a lot from it and I personally emailed him and thanked him for sharing his expertise, comments and advice.

– Lisa Beauchamp, GM, The Bermuda Sun, after attending a classified workshop led by Bill Ostendorf

Sean was 100% great to work with. Really enjoyable. Outgoing. Professional. And he knows his role and what he’s doing. And he did it in a way that wasn’t pushy. He made people want to buy.

– – Toby Bonner, GM, ad director and co-owner, the Powell Tribune

Sean Finch sold out our entire website inventory in just two days. He’s the Jedi master of sales!

– – Marshall Helmberger, Publisher, The Timberjay

I just want to share with you what an amazing job Lynn did on the April edition of the Guide. Her patience is endless, as we had one client who yet again drove us nuts! She really is a superstar, she never complains, she never flusters, she is so professional.

– – Lisa Beauchamp, general manager, Bermuda Guide magazine

Bill Ostendorf and his Creative Circle team did an exemplary job redesigning The Daytona Beach News-Journal in 2014. Bill managed to unite divided family owners around a design – and vision – for the newspaper that brought it into the modern era. The team successfully trained an initially skeptical veteran staff to embrace change and make the most of a new look and new approach to presenting the news. Launch of the redesign was right on schedule and went without a hitch. Creative Circle’s post-launch follow ups ironed out any wrinkles. Results included a jump in daily circulation, a re-energized news staff and dominance in the design or presentation categories of state and regional journalism contests.

– Don Lindley, former executive editor

Creative Circle took time to ensure that every aspect of the redesign, from color themes to font selection, matched the market and traditions of the newspaper, rather than a cookie-cutter template used on client after client. The best testimony for their work can be found in the fact that it stood the test of time. The design elements are still in use at The Telegraph, and are no worse for the wear.

– Dave Solomon Former Executive Editor The Telegraph of Nashua, N.H.

Bill Ostendorf has worked with hundreds of publications to improve design, visual impact, content and readability. His vast experience and his problem-solving insights are the essence of his spirited presentations that enrich the skills of his audiences. Bill is a dynamic speaker who loves newspapers and enjoys talking to newspaper people. His work for SNPA has always been excellent.

– Edward Van Horn, executive director, Southern Newspaper Publisher's Association

We get more comments on our content than the design itself. They tell us “We like what you’ve done.”

– – Rick Thomason, publisher of the Times News in Kingsport, Tenn

I’ve been through this process before and this was different. It was usually two or three alternatives. But you gave us a lot of options from the very beginning. . . . I like that you invited all the different departments in to participate. I thought that . . . allowed us to capture something that felt like it represented our paper.

– – Rick Thomason, publisher of the Times News in Kingsport, Tenn

It’s always a highly interactive and mutually respectful experience working with the Creative Circle team.

– Lisa Beauchamp, general manager

I love the redesign. I love the way we did it. I think we learned a lot. I think our staff got a lot better. . . . Our products are far and away better than when we started.

– Justin Wilcox, publisher, Johnson City Press

I had the pleasure of working with Creative Circle on several training and quality improvement projects. Foremost among these was the redesign of The Telegraph in 2002, which was much more than an exercise in typography and layout. Mr. Ostendorf and his crew took us through an extensive training process in the use of the new design tools that helped us improve our content planning as well.

– Dave Solomon, Former Executive Editor, The Telegraph of Nashua, N.H.

People attending (Bill's) workshops always come out with information they can take home and put to work right away.

– Jim Angell, former executive director, Wyoming Press Association

"The paper is much easier to read and comprehend the content."

– Reader of the Times News in Kingsport, Tenn.

"That design Denise did for the pocket program was brilliant!"

– Cindy Durham, Assistant Executive Director, Southern Newspaper Publishers Association

"We knew from the outset that [Mercury magazine] had to look — and feel — very different from the daily newspaper. Working with Creative Circle allowed us to accomplish that in an extremely short amount of time. I’m not sure we could have done it as efficiently or as effectively without them."

– Sheila Mullowney, managing editor, Newport Daily News

"What we didn’t know was that the designers at Creative Circle Media could take us so far in such a short time."

– Matt Lane, Editor, McAlester News-Capital

Creative Circle was a natural fit. What I needed was a team with whom I could work with in a collaborative fashion to build a new news enterprise. . . The team at Creative Circle provided the right amount of pushback as part of the creative process.

– Richard Asinof, entrepreneur and publisher of ConvergenceRI

If you want to improve your newspaper, make it more compelling for your readers, Bill Ostendorf is the best newspaper consultant in the business.

– Bob Lynn, former AME/Visuals at The Virginian Pilot & Ledger Star

My photojournalism leadership/management book, "Vision, Courage & Heart" got its start with Bill Ostendorf. He was the book’s first editor. He did a great job of putting the book on a winning course. . . He was easy to work with. He was fun to work with.

– Bob Lynn, author of Vision, Courage & Heart

We really love the new website. Looks so great, so user-friendly — our reporters are already on it posting for breaking news, etc. Thank you and your team for all your work with us. It's just great!

– Ann Healey, editor, Colorado Community Media

Working with Bill was a learning experience.

– Joyce McCullough, publisher, La Salle (Ill.) News-Tribune

"Thank you for your help on this project. I think (the web site) looks great. You certainly do not over promise. It does everything you said it would and more with our new requests."

– Jerry Healey, publisher, Colorado Community Media

Bill has an uncanny ability to criticize weaknesses in a constructive way and to unearth hidden talents. He talks to people with authority and respect and in turn, people warm to him very quickly.

– Tony Williams, managing editor, The Bermuda Sun

(The team at Creative Circle) are always willing to engage about ways to improve the publication and their technology platform.

– Richard Asinof, entrepreneur and publisher of ConvergenceRI

It was a pleasure working with Bill. He is personable. He is a straight shooter. He is one of the smartest persons I’ve ever worked with. He has an amazing understanding of what it takes to take a newspaper to the next level.

– Bob Lynn, former AME/visuals for The Virginian Pilot & Ledger Star

"Your new design provides a format that not only makes Town Journal more attractive, but easier to navigate."

– Debi Pittman Wilkey, Editor, Town Journal

"We saw an almost instantaneous change. Readers have really noticed."

– Linda Kleczewski, managing editor of NewsTribune, La Salle, Illinois

"We’re having more of a conversation with our readers."

– Linda Kleczewski, managing editor of NewsTribune, La Salle, Illinois

“It’s not just the aesthetic. It’s taking a look at the stories and how we are telling them.”

– James Henry, executive editor, AgriNews, on how their redesign changed how they cover the news

“The students were impressed with the patience and dedication of the Creative Circle staff to the students and redesign project.”

– Michael Guilfoyle, executive director of communications, Assumption College

I’ll tell you, the team up there, they were very helpful. They’re welcome down here anytime.

– Cliff McCollum, editor, The Baldwin Times

Lynn (Rognsvoog) is fantastic to work with. She’s fast, she’s diligent, she never panics.

– Mark Fitzgerald, editor of The Inlander

“People have just really responded to the fact that we are now telling their stories through their own words. They have a greater sense of ownership. It really is their newspaper.”

– James Henry, executive editor, AgriNews

That eye for detail while also instituting broad changes that have great impact - that’s a great combination.

– Mark Fitzgerald, editor of The Inlander

“Creative Circle understands newspapers. They keep up with the behaviors of the reader.”

– Roger Bergenheim, publisher, Providence Business News

"We wanted a world class web site and that's exactly what we got."

– Roger Alford, director of communications, Kentucky Baptist Convention

He a very knowledgeable guy. What I like about him is he’s everything you need in one person.

– chief executive officer, Osteen Publishing Co.

"Bill is well worth the money."

– Joyce McCullough, president and publisher, Daily NewsTribune Inc.

He’ll challenge you. He’s like a therapist who will tell you to get over your stuff.

– Parks Rogers, publisher, The Baldwin Times, on working with Bill Ostendorf, Creative Circle's president and founder

I'm pretty particular. For them to get a glowing review from me, that's not easy.

– Don Foy, technology specialist, The Herald-Citizen

“This wasn’t just a redesign. It was a reimagining of the workflow.”

– Mark S. Murphy, editor, Providence Business News

“Now there’s an electricity to our newspaper.”

– James Henry, executive editor, AgriNews

“No other content management system we came across in our search could deliver the ease of use along with the capabilities to do what we wanted to do. They simply weren’t out there.”

– Michael Hopkins, ANC's vice president for external communications

(Lynn) is genuinely there to help us reach our goals. She was willing to explain things a few times just to make sure we understood what we were doing.

– Kaitlyn Akers, editor-in-chief of Le Provocateur