NativeNewsQ, a revenue stream with a local focus that can’t be beat

With a new paid calendar platform, Creative Circle’s native content technology just got better – combining three types of native content into one locally oriented platform


PROVIDENCE, R.I. – What if you could showcase the freshest local business and community news, offer a comprehensive local calendar, generate advertising leads – and monetize all that, too?

That’s NativeNewsQ, a native content solution from Creative Circle Media Solutions that provides new revenue streams, all with a local focus unmatched by other vendors, said Creative Circle founder and president Bill Ostendorf, who announced the upgrade of the paid content platform this week.

With the debut of calendarQ, a paid calendar platform that also offers reverse-publishing into print, the upgraded NativeNewsQ suite now includes more ways to monetize local content and build relationships with local businesses and advertisers that newspapers may not be able to reach any other way. NativeNewsQ includes native content, calendarQ and PressReleaseQ, a paid press release and archiving platform.

“The concept of native news is great, but we add powerful, local SEO advantages for local businesses,” Ostendorf said. “Adding SEO benefits to native multiplies the power of both. And our ability to deliver self-service capabilities and to reverse publish content can be a breakthrough in how newspapers handle calendars, native content and press releases.”

NativeNewsQ often delivers better SEO than Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, LinkedIn, YellowPages or YouTube, he said. Creative Circle developed the industry’s first native platform, years before anyone else was talking about paid content.

All products in the NativeNewsQ suite can sync with any feed – your news, wire services or native news from another platform, Ostendorf said.

NativeNewsQ can integrate with any other native platform to supplement them with more local content or pull their feeds into NativeNewsQ. “There are a lot of companies offering various ways for newspapers to get into native content. But most are syndicating national material that is delivered only on the web using widgets. That doesn’t provide good answers for local companies, it doesn’t deliver any SEO for local businesses and it doesn’t provide self-service or reverse publishing options.”

The same is true for syndicated calendar platforms, like SpinGo. “The digital companies are creating nice platforms for digital, but they don’t even think of print. Creative Circle’s software development teams have deep expertise at print products as well as digital, so our solutions are all true multi-media platforms.”

Creative Circle was also the first media software vendor to offer user-contributed content solutions, too, so they are more experienced at making self-service revenue a  reality.

Targeted local content and robust technology give NativeNewsQ sites the winning combination. Content is local, comprehensive and credible – showcasing local businesses and drawing readers in. “It’s about making money AND getting more and better content,” he said. “It’s also about being flexible, user friendly and multi-media. Existing systems don’t really do those things well.”

The upgrade is just the beginning, Ostendorf said. “We imagine continuing to add other types of content, being a paid content platform for everything in the newspaper. Ultimately every piece of content you enter and have to pay for, we see as the same thing.”

The company has also combined the power of classifieds with the promise of native. “Using our QuickAds platform, we also offer another really interesting native play,” said Ostendorf. “If it’s native, we’re way ahead of other vendors and the industry in making happen and moving on to the next level. Classified + native is one of those new ideas.”

About Creative Circle

For 30 years, Creative Circle Media Solutions has been the newspaper industry's most innovative consulting, training, design and software firm. Creative Circle has led training and consulting projects for more than 250 media companies in 23 countries. In the United States, Creative Circle consultants have led the redesign of more than 550 newspapers and magazines and more than 250 media websites.

Founder and president Bill Ostendorf heads up the team at Creative Circle, based in East Providence, R.I. He leads a network of editors, designers, consultants, writers, managers, trainers and programmers around the country who can all be applied to client projects.

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Bill Ostendorf is available for demos about NativeNewsQ, the native news suite that is providing media companies across the country with new revenue streams with a local focus. NativeNewsQ includes smart ways to maximize press releases (PressReleaseQ), paid calendar items (CalendarQ) and native content (CommunityQ). Meanwhile, QuickAds can e deployed to create innovative new classified native concepts.