March 12-14 in Hershey, Pa.

Connect with Sean at America East!

Come to the Newspaper Manager booth to learn about our new, integrated classified platform


Sean Finch, our VP/Sales, will be on hand in the Mirabel/Newspaper Manager booth at America East to help showcase our new, integrated classified solution, created in partnership with Mirabel.

The solution integrates our flexible QuickAds platform with Mirabel's classified system. We handle web order entry and online display of classifieds, while Mirabel provides a classified CMS and print production platform.

This new combination gives you the opportunity to replace your inflexible, expensive legacy classified system with a modern, web-centric solution that will reinvigorate your classified revenue.

Sean can also help you learn more about:

newsroomQ, our editorial print production CMS designed to lower your print production costs while giving you a flexible, modern production workflow. It works with any recent version of Quark or InDesign.

mediasiteQ, our web CMS, which is the most flexible and dynamic in the industry. It's easy to learn and run, saving you time and money. It can provide lots of new digital revenue opportunities. It's affordable and is will significantly increase your traffic, time on site and page views over your existing site.

• Our print redesigns, which are not just about changing fonts, colors and layouts. We'll give your newsroom a new, user-oriented focus that will improve content, engagement and relevance for everything you do, in print and online. We always have a positive impact on redership and user satisfaction and often grow circulation, reduce churn and increase newsstand sales.

paywallQ, the industry's first and best pay wall, can handle any kind of pay wall strategy and also provides e-commerce capabilities. 

Creative Outsourcing, our high-end agency services that can help create great advertising concepts for your clients or produce sophisticated web or print products for advertisers – books, magazines, annual reports, etc. We can also produce your magazine or niche products for you.