adQ: Intelligent classifieds


Increase your classified revenues!

adQ offers call center quality for online entry.

Your classified web entry system – if you have one at all – is probably little more than a basic online form. And that could be costing you a fortune in lost revenue.

Many advertisers need help or have questions. Not everyone knows how to write or what to say. But most existing systems are poorly constructed and leave users confused. As a result, papers using first-generation systems report huge abandonment rates. And that’s not

only lost money today. Studies show that frustrated web users rarely come back.

adQ is the first complete web classified solution. It’s loaded with thousands of friendly tips and drop down menus. It also allows you to offer photos with print or web ads. It upsells automatically, and displays ads in your type, format and pricing.

We've also improved the buying process,

creating the best looking online classifieds in the industry to make sure your classifieds sell!

And we’re not just another system vendor. After 25 years of helping papers better serve readers and advertisers, we know adQ will always be adding new features and refinements. But we won’t come back in two years and surprise you with an expensive upgrade. We'll provide all the updates for as long as you use adQ! We’ve set a new standard and we pledge to keep you on the cutting edge.