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Newspapers need new ways to make money off local elections. They need easy ways to gather information about candidates running for office. And they need better ways to display results on election … more
At last – an effective way to gather and present information about the upcoming election. And it’s brought to you by Creative Circle Media Solutions, one of the leading software providers … more
Creative Circle Media Solutions hosts hundreds of local media sites around the United States. We work mostly with family or locally owned newspapers and we provide them with  web  sites and software, including credit card processing services. If you have a charge from us, it means you bought something through a web site we host. more
This is normally where our calendar list of trade shows and speaking engagements would appear. But there aren't many events happening now. But that doesn't mean we can't talk or get going on an upgrade that will help you turn the tide on growth and new revenue. If there is one thing this conoravirus mess has taught you, it probably is that your current web site isn't cutting it and you need something better to thrive in a digital world. Upgrding to a Creative Circle web site is part of the solution! And print? Don't follow the crowd and cut it further. That's not innovation and won't turn anything around. It's time to reinvent print and make it better. And that's something we can help you do. Let's talk today! 401-455-1555 or more
Contact Bill Ostendorf, our founder, at / 401-455-1555
or Sean Finch, VP/Sales at / 309-269-7834 today! more
Email with testimonials
and send any questions, training requests, technical issues or suggestions to more
Two small, rural towns in South Dakota are battling to save their newspapers, and Creative Circle has stepped in to help. The De Smet News and The Lake Preston Times – have a combined weekly circulation of about 1,900. more
We're releasing a series of innovative, new web apps this year to help local publishers recover some of the advertising lost to store closures and event cancellations.

Most will have a coronavirus angle and each will help turn this disaster into a positive. "What's Open" was the first of our app lineup. "Honor My Grad" is the second.

"Election 2020" will help generate revenue from local political candidates and drive traffic with essential election information. Soon, we'll add a "My Hero" app to thank those who have helped us all through this and a pet contest with a fun coronavirus twist. more

Getting the word out on other media is a great way to promote What's Open. You can also partner with other media – radio or TV stations or regional magazines.  Your What's Open app … more
Time was critical in deploying What's Open, so we had to get a first draft of the platform out there as quickly as possible. We built it in four days. As soon as we felt it was stable and functional, we rolled out the platform knowing we'd learn as we went and would be making frequent upgrades and improvements to adapt to a changing environment. more
We're all looking for best practices in everything we do. Here are some tips on getting the most out of your What's Open platform from Creative Circle. more
Here are some best practices to help you get the most out of your Honor My Grad 2020 platform from Creative Circle. more
We've created a flyer for sales reps to use in talking with advertisers along with a couple house ads to help you market What's Open to your business community.     more
We've created a flyer and some house ads to help you market 2020 Grads.   more
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