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What is Flash Feedback

Do you have 10 minutes? This is a chance to get some powerful feedback from one of the industry’s leading design and consulting firms about any publication, web site, marketing campaign, web site or project. We’ll review it with you and within ten minutes, you will walk away you some helpful ideas on how you can improve, expand, upgrade, finance or simplify whatever you are doing.

And it’s FREE!

How it works

If you’d like to come home from the conference with some sure fire solutions, sign up for a Flash Feedback session and bring your print newspaper, niche product, marketing materials or web site URL to Creative Circle’s booth. Bill Ostendorf, our founder and president and a veteran of projects with hundreds of media firms on three continents, will give you several actionable ideas you can execute right away.

Although we’d love you to hang around and learn more about our software and services, this is not a sales pitch. It’s all about you. And none of our suggestions will require you to buy anything from us.

“Simple solutions, no risk,” says Bill. “We guarantee we’ll tell you something useful, actionable and doable and there is a good chance one of our ideas will be something new that you never noticed yourself."

Why little ideas are important

Creative Circle is great at finding solutions. Fast. That’s what we do. Some solutions are big picture. Some are just tiny changes in a workflow. But they all add up to big results. Across a wide range of topics, Creative Circle has helped hundreds of media firms improve their branding, content, design, workflows, revenue, readership, web sites, production processes, profits, circulation and more.

“When you’ve seen as many issues and come up with as many solutions as we have over the years, they pop out at you pretty fast,” he adds. “One of our clients recently told me he knows we’re not really that much smarter than anyone else. But he said ‘You’ve just seen the same issues or problems over and over so many times and found solutions to so many things, that answers just seem to come to you like magic.’

“Well, it isn’t magic, but we often tell our clients that successful projects – whether a print redesign or new product launch – aren't about some big idea or epiphany. When you boil it down, great results usually come from a lot little things done better.

“A lot of times, companies grab onto big ideas and initiatives that go nowhere because they don’t pay attention to the little changes that have to happen first. That’s why so many big initiatives fail. Companies miss the little things. Getting little things right is a lifeblood of successful change.”